Saturday, October 20, 2007

SBBD 2007

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Brazil, where I and another funny looking person, gave keynotes at the Brazilian Database Conference, SBBD 2007. The conference is held jointly with the Brazilian Software Engineering Conference, and had over 600 attendees. You can see all my photos here.

The conference was held in Joao Pessoa (read: John person; apparently he was a poet), which is in the eastern-most point in South (or North) America, the closest place to start a swim to Africa. The venue was a tropical beach resort. I'm not sure when the residents of Joao Pessoa sleep. They seemed to be dancing all night, and at 5am the road along the beach was closed till 8am so people can exercise peacefully. I guess they need all the dance and exercise to burn off the calories from their great food.

Many thanks to Altigran Silva for inviting me and being a wonderful host, to Juliana Freire for all her incredible help and company, and to all my Brazilian friends for their great welcome (yes, my Orkut network has grown exponentially as a result of the trip!)

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