Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Favorite Cafes

I recently embarked on a coffee-related project. The end product of the project is not completely defined, but it involves visiting cafes all over the world, studying the variations in coffee customs and preparations, and, of course, spreading the word about macchiatones world-wide.

As a first step, I've created a web site that lists my favorite cafes. These are cafes I visited recently, so the list is still short, but I'm hoping to expand it over time. There are multiple criteria for being included in the list, including having good coffee (duh!), having a charming atmosphere and possibly a good location. Basically, it needs to be a place worth spending time at. I'm happy to hear suggestions for additional cafes and I'll find a way to share those with the world.


Kalpana Mohan said...

Hi Alon,

I'm Mohan's wife in CA. I'd love to send you some names of fabulous cafes here! And do check out my blog at


Chris Olston said...

Hi Alon, Nice idea. I think I saw you at Coupa once :)

Add Cafe XO to your queue of ones to check out, in case you find yourself near 30th & Church in SF. Amazing hand-made pastries, muffins and what not; I used to go there practically daily when I lived nearby. I wish there was a place like it in the south bay (or maybe there is but I haven't discovered it yet).



Eytan Adar said...

I miss Borrone... my Sunday morning breakfast ritual (#4 + baguette + NY Times from Keplers)

Anu said...

Barefoot rocks!

You should definitely try: Blue bottle Coffee Co.

The best coffee I have had in the Bay area. They have a little kiosk in the SF Farmers market on saturdays..

Love kids said...

hi Alon -

I read an interview with you today, about structured data. we are actually running a very interesting project which search the web for Tabular data and create easy analytics on it...

take a look here:

I took the liberty to put some measures and value to each cafe.. ofcourse, just for the example.

alopatenko said...

I do not believe that a bar from Trento got into your list. There is a good place (only one in Trento!) where they make good cocktails, but coffee... Maybe a barista from Trieste immigrated to Trento recently..
There is a place in Bolzano where they make an interesting macchiato. Nothing special in the sense of quality, but they serve it in special cups and decorate it nicely. It is 10 sec walk from the main entrance to the University

Anonymous said...

There's a great website based on a similar idea by Ariel Rubinstein: