Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Two Zodiacs Away

I feel like I should have something to blog about on my birthday. Next year, it won't be a problem -- the Chinese have scheduled the opening ceremony of the olympics for that day.

Generally, I'm a guy who feels pretty comfortable with his age. That's an important survival skill when you work for Google. Every now and then, however, I realize that even though I'm not feeling any older, time is passing.

Today the poignant moment was when I was standing and talking with my group members and interns (all very nice, organized a nice birthday celebration. Special thanks to Bijun who ordered a chocolate babka from Zabars in NYC!). I was chatting with my youngest intern (a graduate student) who mentioned she was also born on the year of the rabbit, like me.

Then there was a pause. It took us both a mere 5 seconds to realize that she's *2* zodiacs away from me. Not one. There is an entire unrepresented rabbit in between us.

While it should be said that she is the youngest graduate student I ever worked with, I still found it startling that I'm working with a rabbit two zodiacs away. I'm sure I'll get over it.


Rachel said...

That's a young grad student... said she who is of the "missing" rabbit year.

Bijun said...

Generally, I'm a person who feels pretty comfortable with his energy. That's an important survival skill when you work with Alon, our ironman.

Anant said...

Well, I met a friend of my wife's whose wife said that I was closer in age to her father than she was to me... That put me in place my friend..