Sunday, June 1, 2008

Karina helps the earthquake relief effort in Sichuan Province

My (almost 7 y/o) daughter, Karina, was a star at a fund-raising event for the victims of the Sichuan Province earthquake. I'll give a bit of background, and then I'll let the quotes from the press speak for themselves. This event was originally supposed to be a victory party for the newly elected president of Taiwan, and hence highly star-studded.

A few hours before the event (a crowd of 5000+), Karina got a call asking if she would come on stage for a few minutes during the fund-raiser. Nobody told her what was expected of her, but she was happy to participate. She got on stage and was asked a few questions, at the end of which she offered the emcee to share a poem with the crowd. The poem recital apparently moved the crowd greatly and opened up their check books. Her impromptu performance was covered in the Chinese press following the event.

For the readers who do not know Chinese (e.g., me), here are a few snippets from the articles (kindly provided by Oriana). Also note that most of the Chinese press uses her Chinese name -- CunZhong, but I assure you she could have done it perfect Hebrew too.

Notable quotes from the Sing Tao site: (1) "This first-grader was born and raised in the US. Her mother is a Chinese from Beijing, her father Jewish. Standing in the center of the stage, wearing her hairs twisted high into two traditional buns and holding her piggybank, little CunZhong delivered an original poem, entitled "Home", in impeccable native Mandarin Chinese." (2) "Thunderous applause followed her performance." (3) Karina told the reporter: "Television images of the earthquake victims really scared and worried me. I memorized this poem after reading it three times. I want to share it with all the children in the disaster zone, so that they will not be afraid!"

This site carries the original news release with a photo. This site also contains several photos from the concert, including one where the audience responded to the emcee's tribute to "the mom of this courageous little girl." The notable quote from the site is: "Li CunZhong's outstanding and emotion-filled performance deeply touched the hearts of the entire audience, and brought the outpouring of donations to a crescendo."

And finally, here's the YouTube video with the post-interview with, titled "Karina, the six and a half year old who touched many hearts with her live recitation of the poem". If you're Chinese, the management requests that you go here to see the video and read more background.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so cute and smart.

Eran said...

Amazingly moving and heartwarming!

If we have a catastrophe here in Israel, I am building on her fund-raising abilities in Hebrew :-)

Fei Meng said...

Your daughter's Chinese is perfect. The poem is so touching.

B.H. said...

Big hug to Karina! She is a kid that Chinese (and Jewish of course) people will be proud of.

BTW, her Chinese is as shining as she is.

Linlin said...

We were at the fund raising concert and were amazed by Karina's fluent Chinese and her courage to speak up in front of so many people. If we will have kids later, we hope he/she will be as good as Karina.

anlyjoe said...

i saw here accidentally.. i was searching advice on "a 5 minute presentation" in google..then i saw ur site..
hving read this article. i was so touched. im also a Chinese.
Your daughter is a blessing to many. God bless you&your family..