Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Macchiatone

Do you often feel like your cappuccino has too much milk? And then the macchiato is a bit too dainty? A conundrum I'm sure many people face on a daily basis.

This morning I went for my usual sunday coffee at Cafe Del Doge in Palo Alto, and I had the chutzpah to point out that their cappuccinos have too much milk. After a short discussion, the barista pointed out to me that I should try the macchiatone. It's basically a cappuccino, but with less milk. I've been making macchiatones for several years now and I didn't know it!

Something tells me that the Starbucks barista course does not cover this material, but feel free to spread the word (note: a macchiatone is NOT a dry cappuccino; very different concepts!)


Global Travel Writers said...

Yes! Only the best baristas know what a macchiatone is. A little education is needed.

chapmandav said...

I stayed in Venice for 2 weeks and got to love the macchiatone. An Italian waiter from Trieste told me this is what Northern Italians think of as a capucchino: no milk mixed in. My fav drink!